What are the benefits of prunes?

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Prunes are fruits that provide many good nutrients. Eating prunes is therefore good for your health in many ways, such as:

Good for the digestive system

Prunes are rich in dietary fiber , both soluble (Soluble Fiber) and insoluble (Insoluble Fiber). in the quantity of 100 grams or approximately 10 will provide approximately 7 grams of dietary fiber UFABET  

Dietary fiber helps increase the amount of stool. And helps stool move through the digestive system more quickly. This will help reduce the risk of constipation. In addition, soluble dietary fiber helps the digestive tract and food absorption function normally as well.

Additionally, also contain sorbitol  , which works like a laxative. So it may help the body pass stool more often.

However, should be eaten in moderation along with drinking enough water. Especially those who are sick Inflammatory bowel disease  (Ulcerative Colitis) or other health problems. In addition, eating large quantities of prunes can result in gas, bloating, diarrhea. And some people who drink little water may easily become constipated.

Nourish bones

Prunes are a fruit that may help strengthen bones. Research has found that eating 50 grams, or about 5–6 prunes, per day may help prevent bone loss in postmenopausal women at risk of Osteoporosis.

However, this research was conducted on a small group of people only. It still needs to be studied and further researched. Both in terms of various mechanisms of operation and the certainty of experimental results.